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Look. Listen.

It’s how film is experienced. At NT, it’s also our mantra. It’s the way we help filmmakers. It’s the reason behind our thirty-year reputation for innovation. NT’s mission is providing high quality professional post services using creative and affordable solutions for maximum cost efficiency.

NT, the industry leader in Optical Soundtrack Negatives, offers a full suite of state-of-the art digital post-production services. Our high-end facility takes your Digital Intermediate from first scan to delivery. Our Media Asset Management system handles large data streams with speed and efficiency.

And when it’s time to preserve your Digital Intermediate project for future revenue opportunities and the enjoyment of new audiences, NT’s YCM Separations will ensure that your elements can be faithfully reconstructed, maintaining perfection into the next millennium.

Experience the personal touch and professionalism of our employees.

Whether you’re a big studio, a small production company or an independent filmmaker, at NT you’ll get the same level of service and attention to detail. We pride ourselves in innovation and our singular goal is to provide you with the service and technology you need.




NT’s Precise B&W Film Processing Creates Superior YCM Separations

NT Audio Video Films Labs has been in business for over 30 years. For many years our core business has been creating Optical Sound Track Negatives (OSTN) for feature films. In addition, we transfer audio elements to and ...


NT Audio Video Film Labs expands film restoration ability with custom-built film printer

NT continues to build on its commitment to film and quality film restoration with the addition of a custom built BHP Wet/Dry Printer. Director of NT’s Restoration & Preservation Services, Paul Rutan Jr., says, “A...


NT Expanding YCM Capability

NT is in the process of upgrading and expanding our Arri Laser film recording equipment. Recently added to our line up is an Arri Laser Recorder Model One with speed upgrade unit that increases our through-put with a fas...